Empowering People with Medical & Scientific Fluency

Hello, we’re HealthFluent. Our mission is to help individuals think clearly about their health and communicate with the people who matter most to them. Learn More ↓

Why HealthFluent?

HealthFluent is…

…a woman owned company that uses our proprietary system,  PATTER™, to make immersive tools and science driven strategies that help people achieve health fluency.

Health Fluency is…

…understanding our health in a personal and profound way, and being able to communicate our understanding and concerns clearly and concisely, to those who matter most to us.  

HealthFluent donates…

…5% of revenue back to our partners; charity organizations that support the people we focus on. Motivated by and focused on altruism, our work gives a path for our partners to support people at a grand level, from ground level.

HealthFluent meets…

…people at the intersection of confusion and choice, empowering everyone to understand and communicate their health challenges and concerns using our customized tools and strategies.

We’re on a mission.

To help individuals think clearly about their health and communicate with the people who matter most to them. We empower people with the tools they need to manage their health and wellness in an active and productive manner. Our solutions help people to: identify their most important health concerns, frame those concerns in practical and useful ways, and express their individual understanding and needs effectively, at the right time, and in the right place. HealthFluent seeks to empower individuals, providers, and groups to give and receive effective care.  

HealthFluent does this by using PATTER™ to guide our process from initial contact through every iteration of our solutions. We are dedicated to the individuals we serve and are proud to support patients, caregivers, and providers alike.

Creating tools that matter.

The Living Stronger with Breast Cancer Tool

This tool was specifically created for our partner charities that focus on people with breast cancer. This tool uses PATTER™ to engage the user in guided questions to identify their most pressing concerns, to frame them in a way that makes it easy to communicate with their doctors, and a way to plan effective actions based on their new understanding of their needs and options. In it’s current iteration the tool is delivered on paper, using traditional writing tools and organized in folders and binders.

The PATTER™ Caregiver Planner

The Caregiver Planner, powered by PATTER™, is a tool in development that focuses on enabling the leadership journey of those who are providing care to people with serious medical conditions. This tool is designed to provide a sequential guide to capture the most important challenges a caregiver must face, a place to store the most valuable information to help navigate this complicated and very important journey with dignity, self-efficacy, and effectiveness. The Planner is designed to be delivered on a specific tablet and leverages unique technology to engage the users senses with haptic feedback to organize, reflect, and lead at a time when they are needed most.

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