What is PATTER™?

PATTER™ is our proprietary system we use to create our solutions. PATTER™ enables fluency by providing evidence-based solutions to the user’s self-identified health and communication challenges using common vernacular and leveraging technology the user is familiar with. The process starts by identifying a human need and uses empathy and testing to arrive at a way to answer it. 

Listen to others and respect the full spectrum of human centered experience.

Understand and synthesize insights based on a whole person to define complex problems.

Collaborate with stakeholders to develop a spectrum of ideas of broad range and scope narrowed to a few actionable priorities.

Create solutions that address specific features from multiple perspectives with immersive prototypes that solve problems.

Deploy solutions with targeted users and scenarios and capture results to inform future iterations.

PATTER™ borrows the best ideas of instructional design, educational pedagogy, neuroscience, social sciences, design thinking, and experience design in order to create tools and solutions people can use right now, to improve their real lived experiences. 

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